Featured Artist: Robert Bruno

Robert Bruno's own www representation: http://www.robertbruno.com

Despite the population of nearly 200,000 residents, Lubbock TX appears more like an oversized town than a city. For a newcomer, life seems to be predominately influenced by the University, the law enforcement and detention industry, gigantic cattle feeding logs, and cotton farming.

Against all odds some individuals stand out with their strive for artistic creativity.  One of them is Robert Bruno. Italian/Norwegian blood line, grown up in Mexico, Robert is one of us -- a Lubbockian. One of his most discussed projects is his statue at the edge of Ransom Canyon. Robert works on his statue since -- who knows  -- more than 20 years. Amusing rumors about his statue are vividly alive. When I scanned the pictures one of  the onlooking students volunteered his story: "oh, the guy who run out of money".  Other people told me about the guy who inherited the statue of his father, and now is unable to finish it. Robert had people show up at his statue who saw him working and wanted to see the owner -- whom they, by their own accounts, knew very well.  In this way Robert's statue initiates sociological study.

Click on thumbnails for full size pictures:

robert_a.jpg (54183 bytes)     robert1a.jpg (42902 bytes)    Robert Bruno at work.    


     The statue at Ransom Canyon                  

house2a.jpg (70082 bytes)  house3a.jpg (47077 bytes)



24wide1.jpg (96655 bytes) The statue from the inside.  This photograph is a courtesy of Robert Bruno.  The sharp contrasts within the statue require quite some photographing skills.



     Another creation of Robert is located just behind his statue.

house1a.jpg (77331 bytes)


dust.jpg (80017 bytes) Finally, a photograph taken by Robert.  These sandstorms develop here especially in Spring.



Both travelers of the World, we have seen intermittently over the years. Today I visited Robert again with my new ride:


The view to the lake

Robert worked on the extensive glass fronts of the house (or sculpture as some refer to it)

I love the magnificent colors in his glasswork

They create an interior to dream about.